About Travel Asia


Capture3Travel Asia is a tour agency that specialises in customised, all-inclusive tours throughout China and Asia for Australians. Our holidays are reliable, cost-effective and tailored specifically for Australian travellers.

Thanks to years of experience living and travelling in Asia and a deep understanding of both Asian and Australian cultures, we take pride in the application of these learnings into perfecting our customised tours. We have a passion for the rich histories, exotic lifestyles and breathtaking landscapes of Asia and we are excited to offer affordable tours that allow our customers to experience all that this region has to offer.



Capture4At Travel Asia, we are committed to creating all-inclusive tour packages that provide life-changing experiences for the adventurous traveller.



Our packages comprise of quality accommodation, reliable airlines, experienced guides and the best historical sites and cultural activities – all at affordable prices. Our customers choose Travel Asia because we take the stress out of travel and deliver a great value, authentic travel experiences.





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