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About our Yangtze River Cruises


Our Yangtze River Cruises take you to the most beautiful parts of the world-renowned Yangtze River. Cross through provinces and visit spectacular once-in-a-lifetime sites including the Mianzhu Gorge, Parrot Gorge, Longcangdong Gorge,  Shibaozhai Pagoda, The Three Gorges and The Three Gorges Dam. Experience all of this all while enjoying it on a luxury cruise liner boasting state of the art facilities.


In addition to these sites, you will have the opportunity to join optional tours to discover even more of this spectacular area. There is plenty of on-board entertainment to ensure your trip is jam-packed with experiences that will become memories you will cherish for a life-time.



Embark on a once in a lifetime cruise down the majestic Yangtze River – One of China’s national treasure.



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